The Reader & Pass on a Poem

In April 2016, the Pass on a Poem founder, Frances Stadlen, passed on the responsibility for both the Pass on a Poem website and newsletter to The Reader – a charity that seeks to reduce social isolation and improve well-being in communities through the Shared Reading of great literature. Learn more about The Reader’s Shared Reading model here.

We have loved becoming a part of the Pass on a Poem family and would like to ask you all to become part of ours. Pass on a Poem members and newsletter subscribers are invited to become Members of The Reader – aptly called Readers. This is free and optional, though will give you access to a range of benefits including:

  • Access to The Reader’s Membership website, including a forum where you can discuss Pass on a Poem events, literature or just have a general chat
  • Exclusive discounts for The Reader’s hugely successful A Little, Aloud anthologies, including both classic and contemporary poems – perfect for Pass on a Poem groups
  • Free content from previous issues of The Reader magazine
  • The Reader’s monthly Membership newsletter, making you aware of any news and events from The Reader

Becoming a Reader is optional and will not affect your access to the Pass on a Poem groups or newsletters. Look out for the link to become a Member in your Pass on a Poem newsletter.

The details of Pass on a Poem events will also be added to The Reader’s Membership site and newsletter, and we’ll also publicise Pass on a Poem through The Reader’s official Twitter, Facebook and email channels.

You can also expect to see some tweaks to Pass on a Poem content, including the addition of The Reader’s branding to the Pass on a Poem website and newsletter, as well as some changes to the way the Pass on a Poem website is maintained.

We hope that these changes will help Pass on a Poem to continue its growth, while also forging stronger communities for both Pass on a Poem and The Reader Members.

If you would like any further information, you can contact The Reader’s Membership team on or by calling 0151 729 2200.


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