Tooting: 4 November 2016


Date of next event:  January 6, 2017


 HONOR BROGAN Spring and Fall (very short so perhaps also The Windhover) Gerard Manly Hopkins
NICHOLAS COOPER Return to the Country Tao Yiang-Ming (c. 500AD)

Translated by Arthur Waley

GILL STOCKBRISGE A Fanfare for the Makers Louis Macneice
GERALDINE KELLY Ballad of Marie Luid Vernon Watkins
JENNY WEINSTEIN Youth and Age Samuel Taylor Coleridge
JOHN WHITE Sweet Thames Flow Softly Ewan MacColl
PATRICIA GRAHAM We Will Find  Solace Anon. Winner of a Koestler Silver Award
RUPERT MERSON The Seafarer Ezra Pound
PRUE COOPER Untitled Po Chu-I trans. (c.772AD)

Translated by Arthur Waley

JEREMY WEINSTEIN I am Dying, I am Dying (extract)


DH Lawrence: (as used for his  Ship of Death oeuvre at the British Museum by Grayson Perry)
VALERIE TAYLOR Strawberries Vanessa Kisuule
FERELITH HORDON I have seen Old Ships James Elroy Flecker
ERNEST RODKA The Hero Siegfried Sassoon
KENNETH CAMERON I remember, I remember Thomas Hood

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