Bedford: Tuesday 29 November

Our Tuesday night’s poetry evening in Bedford was delightful as we celebrated the Autumn with a theme of Autumn and it’s glorious colours.

Our next poetry evening is Tuesday 7th February


Gill Stafford An Autumn Evening Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lorraine Cook Autumn Leaves Changing Seema Chowdhury
Cynthia Moore An Autumn Morning Anon
Maureen Hills-Jones The Quiet Snow Raymond Knister
Sally Schofield Armies in the Autumn Robert L Stevenson
Alan Stafford A Politically Correct Christmas Anon
Alison Myers North Wind in October Robert Bridges
Paul Barnes The Puk-Wudjies Patrick R Chalmers
Rosina Hunter Autumn Change John Clare
Gill Stafford Fall, Leaves, Fall Emily Bronte
Lorraine Cook Winter Sheila Wingfield
Sally Schofield Autumn Fires Robert L Stevenson
Alison Myers The Storm is Over Robert Bridges
Cynthia Moore Gathering Leaves Robert Frost
Rosina Hunter Autumn John Clare
Paul Barnes Field of Autumn Laurie Lee

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