Chiswick: 21 February 2017

The Oxfam Book Shop on Turnham Green Terrace welcomed 20 readers and some on-lookers to an evening which covered everything from high drama to raucous comedy, passing through love, pathos, seasonal aspects of nature, baseball and politics on the way. The Nobel Committee’s selection of Bob Dylan for the Prize for Literature opened the way for fine readings of works by Dylan and The Rolling Stones. Political events inspired the choice of Belloc’s poem about an incompetent statesman and Miller Williams’ poem on the past and future which was read at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. Vegetables also forced their way to the fore with BC Leslie’s clever misuse of vegetable names in a pastiche of a prayer, Ogden Nash’s vicious attack on the use of parsley as a garnish and, most improbably, instructions for the cooking of vegetables intruding into Ron Padgett’s summary of his philosophy of life.

It was one of our most stimulating evenings to which all our readers contributed enormously.

Reader Poem Poet
Anne Paterson A Vegetation to be read by the Parsnip BC Leslie
Kathy Hall Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll Bob Dylan
Paul Williamson Botticelli Angel Simon Phipps
Joanna Hurn The Snowdrop Ted Hughes
Judy Williams Of History and Hope Miller Williams
Harvey Rose Extract from Murder in The Cathedral TS Elliott
Laurence Braine Le Pont Mirabeau Guillaume Apollinaire
Zenith Ruby Tuesday Keith Richard & Mick Jagger
Trevor Barnes The Statesman Hilaire Belloc
Sarah Haimendorf The Darkling Thrush Thomas Hardy
Claire Williamson Parsley for Vice president Ogden Nash
John Lavers Ladies and Gentlemen  in Outer Space Ron Padgett
Annie Briers The Cleaner UA Fanthorpe
Lynn Young The Chimney Sweeper William Blake
John Record Walking Away C Day Lewis
Marjorie Wiles Ted Williams- Villanelle Wendy Cope
Anne Farthing How to capture a poem Angela Topping
John  Williams The Vet Guy Boas
Anthonia Chalmers Stars may fall in one’s hand AJ Tessimond
Susan Stanley-Carroll Daffodils William Wordsworth

 Next Meeting. Tuesday 25 April 2017 at the Oxfam Bookshop, Turnham Green

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