Bedford: 30 May 2017

Our poetry evening in Bedford last night followed a theme of food. There are endless amounts of poetry written on this theme and I think we had a pretty good variety here dating from the 18th century to modern day, it’s obviously a literary subject that we never grow weary of.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 25th July.

Gill Stafford Fish ‘n Chips – Food of Life Mark R Slaughter
Lorraine Cook Tea With the Poet Adrian Henri
Jennie Clarke The Bluebell Anne Bronte
Cynthia Moore Sky in the Pie Roger McGough
Maureen Hills-Jones A recipe for Salad Sydney Smith
Alan Stafford Breakfast Anon
Syb Davies A Food Label Lament Elizabeth Sheaffer
Sally Schofield The Last Decision Maya Angelou
Paul Barnes The Fish Billy Collins
Rosina Hunter Durer’s Hippo Kaye Lee
Gill Stafford Italian Food Shel Silverstein
Lorraine Cook Salad Poem Adrian Henri
Cynthia Moore I eat my Peas with Honey Anon
Maureen Hills-Jones Jack Sprat Anon
Paul Barnes Old Man Eating Alone in a Chinese Restaurant Billy Collins
Rosina Hunter Sun Flowers Wendy French

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