Hartlepool: 1 June 2017

After a short hiatus we are back with an interesting range of poems and a new member. From the Tudor English of  Sir Thomas Wyatt, to the very current voice of Fran Lock we covered love, betrayal, heatwaves, and social tension. Five very different poets with a surprising overlap of themes. We continue to find poets and poems that are new to us and inspire us to find out more about the writers.

Our newest member read one of his own poems – The Loneliest Sound  by David Sowels. We look forward to welcoming him back and hearing from a poet that inspired him to write.

Our next meeting will be July 6th at 4pm.



Tony Hey – They fly from me by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Brenda Regan – The Ice Cart by Wilfred Wilson Gibson

Denise Sparrowhawk- Oftentimes by Fran Lock

Fran Grasby – Everything by Mary Oliver

Brenda Reagan – Romance by W J Turner

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