Bedford: 25 July 2017

Our Bedford group celebrated our ninth anniversary last night with the usual wonderful variety of poetry. We are all  pleased that we have kept going as a group and would welcome any new poetry lovers in this area who would like to join us. Our next session takes place Tuesday 26th September.

Reader Poem Poet
Gill Stafford Gooseberry Season Simon Armitage
Jennie Clarke At the Railway Station, Upway Thos. Hardy
Cynthia Moore Tide Rises and Tide Falls H W Longfellow
Alan Stafford About His Person Simon Armitage
Syb Davies The Song of Honour Ralph Hodgson
Maureen Atkins Love Philip Larkin
Paul Barnes You, Reader Billy Collins
Gill Stafford The Argument of His Book (from Hesperides) Robert Herrick
Jennie Clarke The Market Girl Thos Hardy
Alan Stafford Summer Evenings Paul W Arnold
Maureen Atkins The Eagle Matthew Sweeney
Paul Barnes The Trouble with Poetry Billy Collins
Cynthia Moore One Art Elizabeth Bishop

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  1. Denise says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary – that’s quite an achievement 🙂 I hope our group is still going after 9yrs!

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