Hartlepool: 6 July 2017

Seven of us met this month with another interesting selection of poetry. One of our regular “listeners” asked if it would be alright for her to read something on the day, which was a great step forward for her. She gave an emotional reading of a poem that is very personal to her, and the level of support and sympathy she received from others in the group was lovely to see. And so we were reduced to tears by Emily Pearl Kingsley, transported back to childhood by Dik Milner  (everyone could still quote their divvy number from memory)  and we were somewhat stumped by the extended metaphors of Emily Dickinson. Vivienne admitted to cheating by bringing along a recording so that she didn’t have to wrestle with the old English of Beowulf herself!

We also welcomed a new member Jean, who recited a poem of her own from memory.

Reader                         Poem 
Margaret Bousfield ‘Welcome to Holland’ by Emily Pearl Kingsley
Brenda Reagan ‘The Divvy’ by Dik Milner / ‘The Parsonage, Haworth’ by Adrian Henri
Tony Hey ‘The Clock Stopped’ by Emily Dickinson
Denise Sparrowhawk ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’ by TS Eliot
Vivienne Orr Extract From Beowulf (traditional – recording by Julian Glover)
Jean Kennedy ‘Love and Hate’ (written by herself)

Our next meeting will be August 3rd at 4pm in the Central library as usual.

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