Get Involved As A Reader

Choose a poem you love or admire, one you know well or a new discovery.

Investigate it: what’s it saying, how does it work, how could you read it to bring out its power for you?

Ready to pass it on?

Here’s what to do:

  • Register on the site (enter your email in the left hand column then click ‘Register’).
  • Locate your nearest venue & obtain a free e-ticket for the next reading. You will need your ticket at the door. We have a few people who don’t use email. If you don’t, just come without a ticket.
  • Email your choice of poet and poem to the contact for your venue a good 5 days in advance or any time before that. The earlier it is submitted, the easier it is for the venue host.
  • Add just two or three lines about yourself: interests, activities, jobs etc.
  • Your poem (one per reader) should be written by someone other than you and be of short to medium length




What if I don’t see a venue near me?

If you don’t see one near you, email us with your area and postcode and we will flag your request. You may want to start a venue yourself. If you would like to, have a look at Start A New Venue

How will I know when to read?

There will be a printed programme. When it is your turn we will, very briefly, introduce you before you read.

Do I say anything about my poem?

Most readers take just a minute or two to explain why they chose their poem.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, just remember listeners need a ticket too

Is there an interval or refreshments ?

Yes, there will be an interval and refreshments, either basic or a little more elaborate.

Are there disabled facilities?

Check with your venue contact first

What if I’ve never read a poem out loud in public?

Not a problem! We particularly support newcomers. Check out our advice on reading aloud.