Previous Poems Of The Week

Abse, Dannie  Last Words

Abse, Dannie  Things

Achebe, Chinua  Mango Seedling

Adcock, Fleur  For a Five-Year-Old

Agard, John  Listen Mr Oxford Don

Aitken, Neil   Travelling Through The Prairies, I Think Of My Father’s Voice

Alvi, Moniza  I Would Like To Be A Dot In A Painting By Miro

Amichai, Yehuda  Memorial Day for The War Dead

Ammons, A.R  Still

Ammons, A.R  Eyesight

Ammon, A.R  In View Of The Fact

Ammons, A.R  Mansion

Ammons, A.R  The City Limits

Angelou, Maya  A Brave and Startling Truth

Angelou, Maya  A Poem for Christmas

Armitage, Simon  Praise of Air

Arnold, Matthew  Dover Beach

Auden, W.H.  As I Walked Out One Evening

Auden, W. H.  Refugee Blues [Ten Songs: 1]

Auden, W.H.  September 1, 1939

Auden, W.H.  Their Lonely Betters

Awoonor, Kofi  Across a New Dawn


Barrett Browning, Elizabeth  ‘If thou must love me…’ Sonnet 14

Berry, Emily  The Way You Do At The End Of Plays

Berry, Wendell  The Yellow-Throated Warbler

Berry, Wendell  Sabbaths 2004.V111

Berry, Wendell  I Go Among Trees And Sit Still

Berry, Wendell  The Mad Farmer, Flying The Flag Of Rough Branch, Secedes From The Union

Berry, Wendell  The Wild Geese

Bhartrhari, Devanagari  ‘She who is always in my thoughts’

Bhattacharjee, Manash  Children of War in Palestine

Bishop, Elizabeth  Electrical Storm

Bishop, Elizabeth  Anaphora

Bishop, Elizabeth.  Sandpiper

Bishop, Elizabeth  The Bight

Blake, William  The Smile

Blake, William Love’s Secret

Blake, William A Poison Tree

Bloem, J. C.  The Dapperstraat

Bogan Louise To Be Sung On Water

Boland, Eavan  The Black Lace Fan My Mother Gave Me

Boland, Eavan  Amber

Bonnefoy, Yves  Passer-By, These Are Words

Borges, Jorge Luis  After A While You Learn

Borges, Jorge Luis  The Art of Poetry

Borges, Jorges Luis  A Poet of the Thirteenth Century trans. William Ferguson

Bowering, Marilyn  How many times, King Midas …

Bradbury, Ray  Remembrance

Braid, Kate  On The Roof With Death

Bridges, Robert  London Snow

Bringhurst, Robert  The Finch

Bronte, Emily  No Coward Soul Is Mine

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett  Sonnet 14 If Thou Must Love Me

Bugan, Carmen  The Day We Decided We Would Lie

Burns, Robert  Corn Rigs Are Bonnie

Burns, Robert  The Banks O’ Doon

Burns, Robert  To a Haggis

Burns, Robert  To a Mouse

Burnside, John  By Herodsfoot

Burnside, John  Prayer

Burnside, John Pieter Bruegel Winter Landscape with Skaters and Bird Trap


Campo, Rafael Begging For Change In Winter

Carlos Williams, William  Winter Trees

Carruth, Hayden  Onandaga, Early December

Carson, Anne  No Port Now

Carver, Raymond Happiness

Cassarino, Stacie  Summer Solstice

Cavafy, C. P  Che Fece … Il Gran Rifiuto

Cavafy, C. P.  Ithaka

Cavafy, C.P  Waiting for the Barbarians

Chaucer, Geoffrey  Whan That Aprille With His Shoures Soote

Clampitt, Amy   A Catalpa Tree on W.12th Street

Clampitt, Amy  A Hermit Thrush

Clampitt, Amy  The Smaller Orchid

Clare, John  The Thunder Mutters Louder And More Loud

Clare, John  I Hid My Love

Clare, John  Summer

Clare, John  Clock-a-Clay

Clare, John  Emmonsails Heath in Winter

Clare, John  The Flood

Clarke, Gillian  Running Away to the Sea

Clarke, Gillian  Neighbours

Clarke, Gillian  Miracle on St David’s Day

Clarke, John Irving  Earth Songs

Collins, Billy  Bonsai

Collins, Billy  The Names

Collins, Billy  Nightclub

Cope, Wendy  Goldfish Nation

Cope, Wendy  The Orange

Cope, Wendy  30th December

Cowper, William  Epitaph on a Hare

Crashaw, Richard  An Epitaph Upon Husband And Wife

cummings, e. e.  anyone lived in a pretty how town

cummings, e. e.  who knows if the moon’s…?

cummings, e.e.   love is a place

cummings, e.e.  a christmas poem


Dallas, Ruth  Milking Before Dawn

Daniel, Samuel When Men Shall Find Thy Flower

Darwish, Mahmoud What Will Remain?

Darwish, Mahmoud I Belong There

Davies, Sir John Orchestra or A Poem Of Dancing

Day-Lewis, Cecil  The Christmas Tree

Dekker, Thomas The Happy Heart

Dharker, Imtiaz  How To Cut A Pomegranate

Dickinson, Emily  As Imperceptibly As Grief

Dickinson, Emily  A Something In A Summer’s Day

Dickinson, Emily  Because I could not stop for death

Dickinson, Emily  Each Life Converges to Some Centre

Dickinson, Emily  Heaven Is What I Cannot Reach

Dickinson, Emily  Hope Is A Strange Invention

Dickinson, Emily  Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

Dickinson, Emily  I heard a Fly buzz – when I died – (591)

Dickinson, Emily  I Taste A Liquor Never Brewed

Dickinson, Emily  Of All The Souls That Stand Create

Dickinson, Emily  The Sky is low – the Clouds are mean

Dickinson, Emily  These Are The Days When Birds Come Back

Dickinson, Josephine  My Lover Gave Me Green Leaves

Digges, Deborah  The House That Goes Dancing

Donne, John  A Valediction Forbidding Mourning

Donne, John  Batter My Heart

Donne, John  The Good-Morrow

Donne, John  A Nocturnal upon St Lucy’s Day

Doty, Mark  Long Point Light

Dryden, John  A Song For St Cecilia’s Day 1687

Duff, W.J.  Death Of A Gardener

Duff, W.J.  Old Man’s Prayer

Duffy, Carol Ann   The Thames, London 2012

Duffy, Carol Ann   The Christmas Truce

Duffy, Carol Ann  Valentine

Duffy, Carol Ann  White Writing

Dunbar, Paul Laurence A Florida Night

Dunbar, William Lament For The Makaris

Duncan, Robert Often I Am Permitted To Return To A Meadow

Dunn, Douglas At Cruggleton Castle

Dyer, Sir Edward A Modest Love


Eberhart, Richard The Eclipse

Eliot, T. S.  from Four Quartets, Little Gidding I: Midwinter Spring…

Eliot, T. S.  from Four Quartets, The Dry Salvages I

Eliot, T.S from Choruses from The Rock Stanza X

Erdrich, Louise I Was Sleeping Where The Black Oaks Move


Fanthorpe, U. A The 8th May: How To Recognise It

Fenton, James Wind

Francis, Matthew Lines on the Proposed Banning of the Apostrophe


Frost, Robert  Birches

Frost, Robert  Dust of Snow

Frost, Robert  Mending Wall

Frost, Robert  Neither Out Far Nor In Deep

Frost, Robert  Prayer in Spring

Frost, Robert  The Oven Bird


Gaiman, Neil  The Day the Saucers Came

Gilbert, Jack  Failing and Flying

Gluck, Louise A Warm Day

Graham, Jorie To A Friend Going Blind

Graham, Jorie The Guardian Angel of the Private Life

Graham, W. S.  Loch Thom

Graves, Robert  Warning to Children

Gregory, Lady Isabella Augusta  Donal Og

Greville, Fulke Lord Brooke In Night When Colours All To Black Are Cast


Hadfield, Jen Thou Shall Want, Want, Want

Hafiz, Shams Al-Din Returning trans. Coleman Barks

Hall, Donald  The Ox Cart Man

Hallett, Alyson  The 4th Migrating Stone

Hardy, Thomas   During Wind and Rain

Hardy, Thomas  The Going

Hardy, Thomas  The Shadow On The Stone

Hart, Kevin  Snow

Hartley Williams, John  Hungarian

Hartwick, Thorpe Rose  Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight

Hayden, Robert  Mourning Poem

Hayden, Robert  Summertime And The Living….

Hayden, Robert  Those Winter Sundays

Heaney, Seamus  The Tollund Man

Heaney, Seamus  Blackberry Picking

Heaney, Seamus  Act of Union

Heaney, Seamus  Alphabets

Heaney, Seamus In the Attic

Heaney, Seamus Personal Helicon

Heaney, Seamus A Dream Of Solstice

Heaney, Seamus Sonnet V11 from The Glanmore Sonnets

Heaney, Seamus  The Railway Children

Hecht, Anthony  A Hill

Hecht, Anthony  The Transparent Man

Henry, Paul  Daylight Robbery

Herbert, George   Constancy

Herbert, George   Life

Herbert, George   Mattens

Herbert, George  The Collar

Herbert, George   Vertue

Herbert, George   Man

Herbert, Zbigniew  A Breviary

Herbert, Zbigniew  I Would Like To Describe

Herbert, Zbigniew  Report From Paradise

Herrick, Robert  Lovers, How They Come and Part

Herrick, Robert  The Argument of His Book

Hikmet, Nazim  Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

Hill, Geoffrey  September Song

Hirsch, Edward  Poor Angels

Holub, Miroslav  The Door

Hopkins, G. M  Inversnaid

Hopkins, G. M  Moonrise

Hopkins, G.M  Felix Randal

Hopkins, G.M  Hurrahing In Harvest

Horowitz, Frances  New Year Snow

Housman, A.E   May

Howe, Sarah  A Painting

Hughes, Ted  Football at Slack

Hughes, Ted  Minstrel’s Song

Hughes, Ted  That Morning

Hughes, Ted  The Thought-Fox


Imlah, Mick  London Scottish (2009)


Jaccottet, Philippe  Distances

James, Clive  Natural Selection

Jamie, Kathleen  Moon

Jamie, Kathleen  Suitcases

Jennings, Elizabeth For Edward Thomas

Jennings, Elizabeth  Rembrandt’s Late Self-Portraits

Jennings, Elizabeth   The Nature Of Prayer

Jonson, B  A  Celebration Of Charis: IV. Her Triumph

Jonson, B   Section From A Pindaric Ode (The Strophe or Turn)

Jopp, Jessica  Why Poetry Cannot Be Skimmed


Kamienska, Anna  A Prayer That Will Be Answered

Kavanagh, Patrick   Advent

Kavanagh, Patrick   Canal Bank Walk

Kavounas, Alice  Although

Kay, Jackie   Dusting the Phone

Kelly, Brigit Pegeen   Song

Kelly, Brigit Pegeen  Wild Turkeys: The Dignity Of The Damned

Kenyon, Jane Let Evening Come

Keyes, Sidney  A Garland for John Clare

Keyes, Sidney  Elegy

Kinnell, Galway Blackberry Eating

Kipling, R from The River’s Song

Kleinzahler, August  The Bench

Kusserow, Adrie  Skull Trees, Southern Sudan


Langland, J  Hunters   In The Snow: Breughel

Larkin, Philip  An Arundel Tomb

Larkin, Philip  Aubade

Larkin, Philip  Cut Grass

Larkin, Philip  The Mower

LaSorsa Steffen, Michael   Hope

Lawrence, D. H  Nothing  To Save

Lawrence, D. H   Snake

Lee, Laurie   Apples

Lee, Li-Young   Nativity

Lee, Li-Young   Night Mirror

Lee, Li-Young  The Gift

Levertov, D  Celebration

Levertov, D Sunday Afternoon

Levertov, D The Ripple

Levertov, D  Swan in Falling Snow

Levine, Philip  Bitterness

Levine, Philip  He Would Never Use One Word Where None Would Do

Levis, Larry  Winter Stars

Levi, Primo   Reveille

Levi, Primo  The Survivor

Levi, Primo  To My Friends

Litvinoff, Emanuel  To T. S. Eliot, 1950

Lochhead, Liz  Kid’s Poem/Bairnsang

Lochhead, Liz  View of Scotland / Love Poem

Longley, Michael  Into Battle

Longley, Michael  Laertes

Longley, Michael  The Leveret


MacCaig, Norman  By Achmelvich Bridge

MacCaig, Norman  By the graveyard, Luskentyre

MacCaig, Norman  Summer Farm

Mackay Brown, G  A Poem For Shelter

Mackay Brown, G  Epiphany Poem

Mackay Brown, G  The Harrowing Of Hell

MacNeice, L  Meeting Point

MacNeice, L Thalassa

Macphee, Kona View From A Window

Mahon, Derek  Lapis Lazuli

Marks, Leo  The Life That I Have

Marvell, A The Mower Against Gardens

Marvell, A The Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell’s Return From Ireland

McGrath, Thomas Against The False Magicians

McKimm, Michael An Invitation

McKimm, Michael Oil Field

Mechtild of Magdeburg Of All That God Has Shown Me

Merwin, W.S Green Fields

Merwin, W.S To Christopher At Porthcothan

Merwin, W.S For A Coming Extinction

Merwin, W.S Echoing Light

Merwin, W.S To The Light of September

Merwin, W.S Turning

Moore, Marianne The Paper Nautilus

Moore, Marianne Poetry

Morgan, Edwin Strawberries

Morley, David The Ideal

Morris, Chloe Not That It’s Loneliness

Muir, Edwin Transfiguration

Muir, Edwin The Child Dying

Murray, Les  An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow

Murray, Les  Easter 1984

Murray, Les  Homage to the Launching Place

Murray, Les  Nursing Home


Nash, Ogden Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else Except Richer

Nemerov, Howard A Spell Before Winter

Neruda, Pablo Horses

Neruda, Pablo If You Forget Me

Neruda, Pablo Ode to the Onion

Neruda, Pablo Every Day You Play With The Light Of The Universe

Nicholson, Norman  The Pot Geranium

Nicholson, Norman  Rising Five


ó Comáin, Liam  The Wild Goose

O’Donohue, John  Purgatorial

O’Hara, Frank  Having A Coke With You

Olds, Sharon  Stag’s Leap

Oliver, Mary  Such Singing In The Wild Branches

Oliver, Mary  Poppies

Oswald, Alice  Greyhound In The Evening After A Long Day of Rain

Oswald, Alice  from Memorial

Oswald, Alice  Yellow Iris

Oswald, Alice extract from A Sleepwalk on the Severn

Owen, Wilfred Spring Offensive


Page, P. K The Blue Guitar

Page, P. K. Planet Earth

Page, P. K Poor Bird

Palmer, William Order of the Day

Paterson, Don Poetry

Paterson, Don Waking With Russell

Paz, Octavio Brotherhood

Peake, M The Consumptive: Belsen 1945

Pessoa, Fernando Some Random Verses

Plath, Sylvia  Blackberrying

Plath, Sylvia  In Plaster

Plath, Sylvia  Tulips

Plath, Sylvia  Words

Plath, Sylvia  Wuthering Heights

Plumly, Stanley  Naps

Pugh, Sheenagh  Extremophile


Raab, Lawrence  On the Island

Raine, Kathleen   Spell To Bring Lost Creatures Home

Raine, Kathleen  I Believe Nothing

Raine, Kathleen  Shells

Rankine, Claudia  I don’t usually talk to strangers …

Reid, Alastair   A Lesson in Music

Reid, Alastair  Weathering

Rich, Adrienne   Diving Into The Wreck

Riding, Laura   A City Seems

Robertson, Robin  Entropy

Robertson, Marilyn  Belief

Robertson, Robin  Strindberg In Berlin

Robinson Jeffers, John  Hurt Hawks

Roethke, Theodore  The Geranium

Roethke, Theodore The Meadow Mouse

Roethke, Theodore Cuttings (Late)

Rosenberg, Isaac August 1914

Rozewicz, Tadeusz  In The Middle Of Life

Różewicz, Tadeusz  Pigtail

Rozewicz, Tadeusz  The Return

Ryan, Kay Patience


Sackville-West, V  from The Garden

Sail, L  Out of Silence

Seth, Vikram  Flash

Shakespeare, William  from Antony and Cleopatra: ‘The barge she sat in…’

Shakespeare, William  from As You Like It

Shakespeare, William  Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind

Shakespeare, William  Fear No More The Heat O’ The Sun

Shakespeare, William  from Act 111. scene 3. Henry V

Shakespeare, William  ‘Our revels now are ended…’ from The Tempest

Shakespeare, William  Sonnet XXIX, ‘When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes…’

Shakespeare, William  Sonnet LXV, ‘No more be grieved at that which thou hast done…’

Shakespeare, William  That Time Of Year Thou Mayst In Me Behold

Shakespeare, William  When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy

Sheck, Laura  Mysteriously Standing

Shelley, P.B.  The Question

Shelley, P.B.  Ode To A Skylark

Shire, Warsan  Home

Sidney, Sir Philip  from Astrophel and Stella: Sonnet 31, To The Sad Moon

Sidney, Sir Philip  from Astrophel and Stella Sonnet V

Sissay, Lemn  Spark Catchers

Skelton, John  To Mistress Margaret Hussey

Smartt, Dorothea  Shake my Future

Smith, Stevie   Away, Melancholy

Smith, Stevie   Mother, Among the Dustbins

Smith, Stevie   Northumberland House

Smith, Stevie   The Airy Christ

Smith, Stevie   The Jungle Husband

Smither, Elizabeth  Dressing in Nelson Street

Snyder, Gary Milton  By Firelight

Solie, Karen  Migration

Solie, Karen Sturgeon

Spalding, Helen Let Us Now Praise Prime Numbers

Stafford, William An Afternoon In The Stacks

Stafford, William When I Met My Muse

Stevens, Wallace  from Sunday Morning

Stevens, Wallace  Anecdote of the Jar

Stevens, Wallace  A Sea Surface Full of Clouds

Stevens, Wallace  Man Carrying Thing

Stevens, Wallace  Not Ideas About The Thing But The Thing Itself

Stevens, Wallace  The Poems of Our Climate

Stevenson, Ann  In The Tunnel Of Summers

Strand, Mark  The Idea

Strand, Mark  Lines For Winter

Strand, Mark The Continuous Life

Summers, Hal  My Old Cat

Summers, Hal  The Seed

Szirtes, George  My Father Carries Me Across A Field

Szymborska, Wislawa  The End And The Beginning


Tagore, Rabindranath  Light

Tennyson, Alfred Lord  Song: A Spirit haunts the year’s last hours

Thomas, Dylan Foster  The Light

Thomas, Dylan  Fern Hill

Thomas, Dylan  Poem in October

Thomas, Dylan  The force that through the green fuse drives the flower

Thomas, Edward   After Rain

Thomas, Edward   Adlestrop

Thomas, Edward   Beauty

Thomas, Edward  Liberty

Thomas, Edward  Lights Out

Thomas, Edward  Swedes

Thomas, Edward  Words

Thomas, R. S.  Adjustments

Thomas, R. S.  A Peasant

Thomas, R. S.  In A Country Church

Thomas, R. S.  Tell Us

Tichborne, Chidiock  Tichborne’s Elegie

Traherne, T.  A  Serious And Pathetical Contemplation Of The Mercies Of God

Traherne, T.  from: An Infant-Ey

Tranströmer, Tomas  After a Death

Tranströmer, Tomas  Winter Night

Turnbull, Gael  These Rings that We Exchange


Valentine, Jean Blessed Are Those…

Vaughan, Henry Religion


Wagner, Erica  Picnic’s Over

Walcott, Derek  R.T.S.L (1917-1977)

Walker, Alice Expect Nothing

Wayman, Tom Did I Miss Anything

Whitney, Isabella A Modest Meane for Maides in Order Prescribed…

Whyte, David  Finisterre

Wilbur, Richard  Advice To A Prophet

Wilbur, Richard  For C

Wilbur, Richard  Love Calls Us to the Things of this World

Wilbur, Richard  The Beautiful Changes

Wilbur, Richard  The Writer

Williams, W.C  Ad Infinitum

Williams, W.C  Dedication For A Plot Of Ground

Williams, W.C  Light Hearted William

Williams, Rowan  Advent Calendar

Willets, Sam  Honest John

Wordsworth, W  From Lines Written A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

Wordsworth, W  Lines Written in Early Spring

Wordsworth, W  London 1802

Wordsworth, W Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Wormser, B A Quiet Life

Wormser, B Abandoned Asylum, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Wormser, B Labor

Wright, Charles Last Supper

Wright, Charles  Confessions Of A Song And Dance Man

Wright, James  A Blessing

Wright, Judith  To The Saguaro Cactus Tree In The Desert Rain

Wright, Judith Phaius Orchid

Wright, Judith Sonnet For Christmas

Wright, Kit Characters of Light

Wyatt, Sir Thomas Patience, Though I Have Not

Wyatt, Sir Thomas Who So List To Hounte I Know Where Is An Hynde

Wyatt, Sir Thomas Forget Not Yet. The Lover Beseecheth His Mistress Not To Forget His Steadfast Faith and True Intent


Yeats, W. B.  To A Child Dancing In The Wind

Yeats, W. B.  Easter 1916

Yeats, W. B.  What Then

Yeats, W. B.   from Among School Children

Yeats, W. B.  The Cap And Bells

Yeats, W. B.  The Second Coming

Yeats, W. B.  The Song of Wandering Aengus

Yeats, W. B.  Easter 1916


Zarin, Cynthia Song

Zephaniah, Benjamin Talking Turkeys

Zwicky, Jan  Beethoven Op. 127, Adagio (Part 1)